Top 10 Safest Daily Drive Cars In The World In 2023

# 10

Honda Civic

# 9

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 is one of the safest vehicle in the world by scoring five start in NHTSA safety ratings

# 8

One of the muscular and high performance vehicle in the list USA

Dodge Charger

# 7

The Nissan Maxima comes to the 2023 lineup from Nissan as a sedan

Nissan Maxima

# 6

most insane and high performance full size SUV in the list of safest daily drive cars

Ford Expedition

# 5

After all sedans, hatches and SUVs here we go with the safest pickup truck

Honda Ridgeline

# 4

One of the best selling family vehicle is the Honda Odyssey and it gets the

Honda Odyssey


Toyota Avalon

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