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Mahindra Sales Breakup in Year – XUV700,Bolero, Thar & More

Mahindra Sales Breakup in year – XUV700, Bolero, Thar & More

Mahindra has sustained a very consistent YoY sales growth in India, in which its sales numbers continue to be quite outstanding.

Having said that, the Indian automaker’s performance in November wasn’t all that different as it still managed to sell more than 30,000 of its vehicles. The Mahindra Bolero ended up being the best-selling vehicle for the firm despite being an old model.

Mahindra Bolero (7,984 units)

In November 2022, sales of the Mahindra Bolero SUV reached 7,984 units, reclaiming the top rank for the model. Additionally, YoY sales numbers increased by almost 46% as the business only sold 5,442 units of the SUV in November 2021. However, sales were down 8.9% month over month.

Mahindra Scorpio (6,455 units)

By selling 6,455 units in November 2022, the Mahindra Scorpio increased its YoY sales by more than 91 percent, making it the second-highest selling vehicle for Mahindra. As a result of the firm selling 7,438 units in October 2022, MoM sales figures dropped by more than 13%.

Abarth XUV300 (5,903 units)

The Mahindra XUV300 has been steadily increasing its market share in the Indian auto industry, and in November 2022, the company sold 5,903 of the sub-4-meter SUV. Sales have risen by almost 47% year over year as a consequence. Although the firm was able to purchase 6,282 of the XUV300 SUV in October 2022, MoM sales for the SUV fell by 6%.

Mahindra XUV700 (5,701 units)

The Mahindra XUV700 SUV had sales of 5,701 units in November 2022, leading to the brand’s continued development and a YoY sales gain of more than 77%. Even though, MoM sales fell by roughly 2% as the business only managed to sell 5,815 of the SUV in November 2022, despite impressive sales growth

Mahindra Thar (3,987 units

Mahindra Thar has become an iconic SUV for Mahindra and in November 2022, the company sold 3,987 units of Thar SUV in India, resulting in a YoY sales increase of more than 25 percent. In comparison, MoM sales figures for the SUV als

Marazzo, Mahindra (201 units)

Although the Mahindra Marazzo is a roomy MPV with respectable performance, the manufacturer’s lack of focus has led to 3-digit sales rates. However, since the firm was able to sell 201 units in November 2022, YoY sales have increased by more than 103%. In contrast, MoM sales data fell by nearly 6%.

Mahindra e-Verito (28 units)

The Mahindra e-Verito is a popular vehicle as Taxi in many metro cities. However, the company could only manage to sell 28 units in November 2022. This sales performance has resulted in YoY sales increase of 75 percent. However, we expect sales to increase in the coming months due to stronger demand for EVs

Mahindra Alturas (5 units)

When launched, the Mahindra Alturas seemed to be a very promising SUV. It offered outstanding road presence, refined performance and decent NVH levels. However, the lack of focus meant the SUV could never reach its full potential and the company could only sell 5 units of this SUV in November 2022, resulting in YoY and MoM sales dip of more than 93 and 87 percent, respectively.

Thoughts About Mahindra’s Sales Performance

Though the sales figures are down marginally, Mahindra has witnessed very strong growth in terms of YoY sales figures. Moreover, with further improvement in production figures, we expect Mahindra to sell more vehicles in the coming months as well. Furthermore, the new launches have definitely worked very well for the automaker.

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